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Free Poker Money FAQ

Q: How does Start Your Bankroll possibly give money away?
A: This is the most commonly asked question when people call us about receiving an Instant Bankroll or free poker money. As an online poker affiliate, StartYourBankroll.com gets paid by the online poker rooms to bring them real money players. With this promotion we share that money with you so you can start your online poker career, using our online poker bonuses as well, 100% risk free!

Q: Will StartYourBankroll.com sell my information to anyone?
A: No, StartYourBankroll.com will never sell your information to anyone, or give your information away to anyone. You will not receive any SPAM from us or anyone else as a result of signing up for your free poker money. We send out a newsletter ONCE a month and it only contains information about the latest Free Poker Money promotions. If you wish to be taken off that list, we can honor that for you as well.

Q: How does the process work?
A: We have made the signup process very easy for you. First, choose your promotion and online poker bonus, and read and understand all of the rules and terms/conditions. Second, download the Poker software from the link provided and create your online poker account. There will be a specific "Signup Bonus Code" required on some sites when you create your account, so make sure you enter it correctly. Without the code, the poker room has no idea you signed up with StartYourBankroll.com, so we don't get paid, and we therefore do not have the funds to provide your free poker money. Additionally, you will not receive the online poker bonus that we have arranged through the poker site. Some of our sites do NOT have bonus codes, but instead are tracked through downloading the software through the links off our website. Third, check your email. We've sent you a specific email regarding the poker room that you chose to download from our site. In this email there is a link asking you to 'Register Your Promotion'. Once you click that link, you'll be redirected BACK to StartYourBankroll.com where we will ask for some simple information about the account you created on the poker room you chose. Once you submit those details, we'll verify your account is tracked through us and ship you your money in any way, shape or form! The default method will be directly to your poker account that you created. We have provided screenshots and detailed instructions throughout this process to help you along the way. Keep in mind as well, some sites have requirements, so once you play through the promotion requirements (some of our top rooms do not have ANY requirements other than the deposit amount), you will receive the additional bonus, and online poker bonus, deposited directly into your account.

Q: What is the catch?
A: There is no catch. Start Your Bankroll will credit your new Poker real money account with the amount specified within 3-5 business days of creation. Enjoy the money to play poker with and once you complete the play through requirements, the online poker bonus money is yours to do with whatever you would like.

Q: I already have an account with Party Poker. Do I qualify for an Instant Bankroll?
A: If you only had a PLAY money account, meaning you have NEVER had any real money whatsoever in your Party Poker account, you do still qualify for the online poker bonus and free poker money. You simply need to create a NEW play money account, using a new account name and a new e-mail address. Of course, be sure to enter the appropriate "Signup Bonus Code" so you are tracked to us and issued your online poker bonus.

Q: I already have an account with Titan Poker Absolute Poker, Paradise Poker and Pacific Poker. Do I qualify for Instant Bankroll?
A: No. If you have ever had a play or real money account with Titan Poker, Pacific Poker, Paradise Poker or Absolute Poker, you do not qualify for online poker bonuses or free poker money.

Q: How do I track my raked hands on Paradise Poker?
A: Login into the Paradise Poker software and look at the top right part of the lobby screen. You will see your points generated right there. This number also relates to the online poker bonus money that you will receive just for making an account.

Q: How can I check my Party Poker account to be sure I am tracked to StartYourBankroll.com?
A: Login into the Party Poker software and click on My Account. It will take you to the Party Account website and then just click on "New Bonus Offers" link. If you see the online poker bonus code you used, you are tracked to us. If nothing is there, the code was either not entered or entered incorrectly. To fix this, create a new play money Party Poker account using a new account name and new e-mail address, and be sure to enter the Signup Bonus Code.