Daily Canadian Poker Tournaments at Titan Poker E-mail

Titan PokerCalling all Canadians!  There's a great No Limit Texas Holdem tournament every single day at Titan Poker right now!  When you sign up (button below), make sure to play these and win some serious cash!  They are restricted to the country that you're in so you can be sure you're playing people only from your own country.

Here is the details of these poker tournaments:

Canadian Special
Daily tournaments
00:20 GMT = Buy-in $2+$0.20 R/A
01:20 GMT = Buy-in $5+$0.50
02:20 GMT = Buy-in $10+$1
03:20 GMT = Buy-in $3+$0.30 R/A
04:20 GMT = Buy-in $5+$0.50
Restricted to players from Canada

Play these tournaments exclusively at Titan Poker. Get $500 when you use the bonus code 'bankrollin' when you sign up a new account!

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Other Country Special Tournaments:

Australia Special
Daily tournaments
10:20 GMT = Buy-in $2+$0.20 R/A
11:20 GMT = Buy-in $5+$0.50
12:20 GMT = Buy-in $10+$1
13:20 GMT = Buy-in $3+$0.30 R/A
Restricted to players from Australia
South America Special
Daily tournaments
23:40 GMT = Buy-in $2+$0.20 R/A
00:40 GMT = Buy-in $5+$0.50
01:40 GMT = Buy-in $10+$1
02:40 GMT = Buy-in $3+$0.30 R/A
Open tournaments

These tournaments are larger and are open to the entire world:

Irish Winter Festival Sat R/A

Tuesday, September 1, 2009, at 22:00 GMT+1
Buy-ins = $50 + $5
Re-buys and Add-on available.
Satellites available.
$4,000 Prize Package includes entry to the Irish Winter Festival tournament in Dublin, 4 nights stay accommodation and travel expenses to Ireland in October 2009.
Play poker with the top European players in Dublin this winter.
WPT Marrakech Super Satellite

Wednesday, September 2, 2009, at 21:30 GMT+1
Buy-ins = $250 + $18
Satellites available.
4 Packages Guaranteed!
$8,000 Prize Package includes entry to the World Poker Tour Main Event tournament in Marrakech, Morocco, accommodation and travel expenses in October 2009.
Irish Winter Festival Ticket Only

Thursday, September 3, 2009, at 21:00 GMT+1
Buy-ins = $200 + $15
Satellites available.
$2,300 Prize Package is a tournament entry ONLY to the Irish Winter Festival tournament in Dublin in October 2009.