2 Months, 2 Million E-mail
It's high time that the world of online poker got some exposure on television and it does so in the new show 2 Months, 2 Million.

The G4 network just debuted the first of the 10-episode series this week and it follows four young online poker pros Dani Stern (Ansky), Jay Rosenkrantz (Krantz), Brian Roberts (Flawless Victory) and Emil Patel (Whitelime)] as they try and earn a combined total of $2 million in two months. While the show doesn’t get too caught up in the actual poker playing, it’s a pretty fresh concept to witness a long-term online poker grind happening while being cut up with prop bets and Vegas lifestyle backgrounds and drama.

You can watch 2 Months. 2 Million on Sunday nights at 9:00pm ET on the G4 network.