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A Live Card:

See Live Card.



A-C Player:

An Advanced Concept player. See Advanced Concept Player.




In a low game, ace-to-five means that straights and flushes do not count and the ace can be used as a low card.



Aces Up:

Two-pair where one of the pairs is aces



Aces Wired:

Two aces as hole cards. Other common names include Bullets, American Airlines, & Eyes of Texas.




To check, call, fold, open bet, or raise when it is your turn.




(1) An opportunity to act. If a player appears unaware that it is his turn to act, the dealer will declare “your action, Sir.” (2) Bets and raises.



Action Spot:

The area of the table where bets are being placed.



Active Player:

A player who is competing for a pot.




The opportunity to buy additional chips. Note: this is only allowed in some tournaments.



Add-Them-Up Lowball:

Draw poker, where the hand with the lowest point total wins.



Advanced Concept Player:

A player whose style is based on the Advanced Concepts of Poker.



Advanced Concepts of Poker:

These are concepts used by advanced poker players in order to win the maximum amount of money from their opponents.




(1) Having a bluff called so as to encourage opponents to give more action. (2) Playing in a loose/wreckless style in order to create a false table image.




First position to the left of the dealer, also called A, able, or edge.




A confederate or collusion partner in cheating.




A playing style characterized by frequent raising and re-raising.




Six-two (62).




Ace-jack (AJ).



Alien Card:

A card which does not belong to the deck in play.



All Blue, All Pink:

A flush.



All the Way:

Cincinnati with a progressive bet.




A player is considered to be “all-in” when they bet all their remaining chips or money.



Alligator Blood:

A tough player who plays well under pressure is said to have “alligator blood”.



Alternate Straight:

A sequence of every other card, such as two, four, six, eight, ten. This can also be called a Dutch Straight, a Skipper, or a Skip Straight.



American Brag:

A game where the raiser shows the first caller his hand and the worst hand folds.




A seven-card game with bets made on five rolled-up cards.




To declare high, low, or the moon in High-Low poker.



Announced Bet:

A verbal bet made by a player before he puts his money in the pot.




A small, forced bet that everyone at the table is required to pay before each hand (only in games with an “ante”). Most Texas Hold’em games do not have an ante; they use blinds to get initial money into the pot.



Apple, the:

The biggest game in the house.



Arkansas Flush:

A four flush.



Around the Corner Straight:

A sequence running from the highest to the lowest value, such as queen, king, ace, two, three.



As Nas:

The Persian card game from which poker was directly derived.



Assigned Bettor:

The player who bets first.



Australian Poker:

Draw poker with a blind opening.



Automatic Bluff:

A Lowball situation that almost always requires a bluff.