Durrrr's Million Dollar Challenge Gets First Bite E-mail
Tom Dwan DurrrrThis past July, internet poker phenom Tom Dwan (A.K.A Durrrr) laid down a challenge for up to four poker players to take him on in a million dollar heads-up match in London this September. The first challenger has just stepped up to the plate and that player is Sammy George.

George, is clearly looking forward to the battle saying, “I’m buzzing – what could be sweeter than playing in the world’s biggest heads-up match against Durrrr? I’m stepping up to the plate and putting my money where my mouth is and it will be an honour to represent my country against the best the US has to offer.My message to Tom is – paper cannot wrap up a fire. With Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius, you are talking about guys I rate quite highly. Guys like Durrrr to me are normal, you know, they’re nothing special.””

The Million Dollar Challenge will involve a minimum of 500 hands with $500 and $1,000 blinds. Players aren’t allowed to exit the game until the 500 hands have been played or they’ve lost all of their original $500,000 buy-in.

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