Free Poker Money and Rush Poker: A New Smart and Exciting Way To Start Your Bankroll E-mail

Everyone loves to enjoy a relaxing moment taking part in an activity that is fun and exciting.  Sometimes with the burden that life can occasionally bring, people are looking for something that is upbeat to relieve the tension.  For instance, a simple and traditional game of cards would begin the process of relaxation; however, Rush Poker and Free Poker Money satisfies that craving for a challenge on an entirely new level.

Rush Poker is an innovative and exciting fast-paced card game that is impacting the industry.  This game is designed to bring continuous action while providing a fun and relaxing pastime.  This particular gaming software offers a challenging and unique way to enjoy this exhilarating and spontaneous game.  Nevertheless, the new way does not take from the powerful tradition that this industry brings.  In addition, the Free Poker Money is always a great added benefit.  Even more, this type of game gives individuals a sense of flexibility without taking away from the continuous flow of action and excitement.

Poker is a very simple game to play and to understand, although it may seem complicated when an individual first enters the lobby.  When playing this game individuals first enter the gaming lobby and choose a table to join, at which the initial stake is already set.  The player then joins the table which consists of a variety of opponents.  Now, one of the great things about this game is the option to quickly fold and the convenience of not having to wait for a turn to do so.  Furthermore, when players use this option they are immediately taken to another hand at another table where there is more action with brand new opponents; however, if players decide to play the hand that they are dealt, the game continues just like playing the traditional game but with Free Poker Money

Rush Poker is a new and amazing way to play such an enjoyable game.  It offers constant fast-paced moves and has no restraints.  Moreover, the quick fold option allows for players to have an exciting experience that is packed with action.  In addition, the Free Poker Money and easy pursuit makes this popular game a fabulous change of pace.  Even more so, for individuals who find a traditional card game a little slower than desired, this new style of a old favorite is a perfect match.  Try Rush Poker now at Full Tilt Poker where players can experience the blistering pace of the world's fastest poker game to earn up to $250 in cash and win free entry to an exclusive $50K Rush Week Freeroll with our Rush Week.

Running from Monday, November 29th through Sunday, December 5th, Rush Week offers even more reasons to play Rush Poker.   
By earning as little as ten Full Tilt Points a day playing Rush Poker ring games, Sit & Gos and tournaments during Rush Week, players can earn extra cash, up to $250. In addition, all Rush Poker Tournament and Sit & Go final table players will receive entry into the exclusive $50K Rush Week Freeroll. 

All guarantee Rush Poker Tournaments will have their guarantees doubled for the duration of Rush Week, while the $80K Guarantee, on Saturday, and the Sunday Brawl will be converted to Rush Poker Tournaments.